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Strategic Planning

Implementation of technology alone is not a guarantee of adoption, usability, or immediate improvement of patient outcomes.  Prior to an implementation or optimization of software or technology, the first step is to walk through the process and downstream impact in order to identify opportunities for improvement.  We will accomplish this with a thorough needs assessments and gap analysis while maintaining our focus on your organization's unique goals and the quadruple aim.

We offer a site-visit assessment to discover current state challenges, evaluate opportunities, and design a plan to optimize and achieve the desired outcomes.

Strategic Planning

System & Workflow Analysis

We analyze the technology in relation to the impacted users' workflows and the continuum of care to anticipate any downstream implications while incorporating health sciences methodologies, human factors, and systems management strategies. We partner with you to bring innovative ideas reflecting evidence-based practice to the forefront of quality patient care.

System Analysis
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System Design & Redesign

We conduct a thorough needs assessment and gap analysis to effectively identify inefficiencies and opportunities for meaningful clinical decision support implementation. We understand and integrate the key principles of providing the right information to the right person in the right intervention format through the right channel at the right time.


The end-users are pivotal in recognizing inefficiencies and will collaborate with operational leadership and end users to reflect ideal workflows.

System Design

Development of Tools & Technology

We are uniquely capable of synergizing the delivery of care and information technology due to our expertise in both healthcare and informatics. 

As nurses specializing in informatics, we are leveraged to consult and collaborate on innovative designs.  Our focus is on ensuring that the technology works for the clinicians while healthcare systems restructure traditional care delivery models based on the evolving needs of the community.

We are experienced in optimizing tools and technologies used by many organizations, including the electronic health record, clinical decision support, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), virtual visits and telemedicine, data & analytics, and 3rd party clinical hardware/software interfaces (cardiac monitors, glucometers, ventilators, IV infusion pumps, etc.…).

Development Tools & Tech

Implementation Support

We support implementations of technology solutions with the consideration of affected stakeholders and the visibility of downstream processes and integrated systems.  This focused and thoughtful process decreases any unintended impact or disruption of workflows. 

Collaborating with end-users to help encourage long-term engagement and influence acceptance to ensure adoption and ultimately positive patient care.

If clinicians do not understand the change, there will be issues with engagement and adoption -- knowledge of the rationale of the functionality supports engagement, adoption, and compliance.

Implementation Support

Outcomes Measurement

We collaborate with organizational leadership to identify common goals that are designed to improve patient outcomes.


We leverage standards, processes, and technology to support stakeholder workflows with a goal to improve quality, safety, and outcomes.


Partner with the quality team to develop strategies and action plans for quality improvement recommendations.


Leverage data and information to inform and improve outcomes and create new knowledge to advance patient care delivery.

Outcomes Measurement
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